Home Gardening

Home Gardening Plants

At Koolau Farmers, we cover all your home gardening needs.  Looking to plant a vegetable garden?  We have a vast assortment of seeds and seedlings to get you started, from arugula to zuccini and everything in-between.

Herbs & Vegetables Available

  • Arrugula
  • Bell Boy
  • Bell Pepper
  • Better Bush Tomato
  • Blushing Beauty Bell Pepper
  • Carribean Red Hot Pepper
  • Collards
  • Filipino  Long Slim Eggplant
  • Fortex Beans
  • French Fillet Beans
  • Green Long Eggplant
  • Habanero Pepper
  • Jalapeno
  • Joe Parker
  • Kale
  • Kamo Round Eggplant
  • Koba Green Onion
  • Long Stim Sweet
  • Manoa Lettuce
  • Manoa Wonder Beans
  • Marketmore
  • Pickling Cucumber
  • Pole Beans
  • Serrano
  • Slicing Cucumber
  • Snow Bush Peas
  • Super Chili
  • Suyo Japanese Cucumber
  • Sweet Banana Pepper
  • Tabasco
  • Tasty Jade
  • Tokyo Long Green Onion
  • Waimanalo Long Eggplant
  • Wautoma
  • Zuccini

Flowers & Flower Gardening

Starting a flower garden? We offer beautiful annuals and perennials to brighten any flower bed.  We also carry a wide assortment of assorted hanging baskets to beautify any lanai or balcony.

PlumeriasAssorted FlowersWatered Flowers

Lawn Grass

Lawn Grass

Tired of looking at the dirt in your yard? We carry a wide selection of the most popular lawn grasses including, Seashore Paspalum, El Toro Zoysia, Centipede, Emerald Zoysia and St. Augustine.  All our grasses come in 10 inch by 20 inch trays.